Fix our Life

It’s time to fix your life. You may just need a gentle nudge in the right direction or you could require a comprehensive overhaul. Olga will give you an objective eye and a wake-up call…

Upgrade Your Life

If you’ve worked with Olga before, she can push you towards your next goal in a higher and deeper way by focussing on your continuing self-development as well as Olga’s innovative ‘silent’ methods and mindfulness techniques.

What’s Next

You’ll discover what can be done, how you find out ‘what’s next’ for you in your next life and you will come out of the other side reborn or rebuilt in a completely new dimension.

Your Life

When Olga’s husband died, she lost half of herself. She lost her values; the beliefs she held dear for her whole life were crushed beyond recognition; her inner strength deserted her and she started to question her very existence.

Your specific issue may not be as dramatic or it may be worse, yet for each one of us there comes a day when we question the reasons for existence, our ability to continue and we simply ask ourselves, what’s next?

Can Something Be Done?

Lots of people go through break-ups and divorces but they can leave you feeling mentally and emotionally paralysed for months, even years. A seemingly minor injury that causes you to give up your career can make you feel worthless. A failed job interview you’ve been working on for weeks doesn’t turn out the way you hoped and your self-esteem can feel like it has permanently deserted you.

As dark as you may feel and as despondent as you must be, deep down you can hear the merest murmur of your inner voice, a tiny nagging feeling that perhaps all is not lost. Something CAN be done.

Perhaps you have no option but to carry on regardless because there’s people who depend on you for their very survival – children, parents, even your husband….

Whatever you’re feeling, be comforted by the fact that there’s always a ‘what’s next’ in your life. Always.

How Do You Find Out What’s Next?

In your first session, Olga will rarely start with ‘what’s next’ unless you come to her with a very clear, specific goal in mind since the pain you’re feeling needs to be addressed immediately. At the very least, you need to be reminded what’s still left. What’s still with you.

Once the ‘why’ has been dealt with, you will start to rebuild your strength and then make sure your strength is adjusted to the right levels so you are in a position to say, what’s next’.

Often, our strength can be derived from the aggression or defence mechanisms we employ to get us through hard times but even so, we will work towards your ‘next life’. That may sound dramatic in itself but Olga is determined to give you another life, not just a derivative of your old life.

It’s a cliché because it’s true: Olga’s clients come to her months after their transformations and say ‘if it wasn’t for the dark event in [my] life, I would never have got to experience this amazing new life’.

It may not seem like it now but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. There are many millions of people who live through tragedy and tragic events but who have come out of the other side reborn or rebuilt in a completely new dimension.

Tragedy makes us more human. More empathic. Empathy is a very attractive trait because it denotes a new, inner strength.

What To Do Now?

If you are coming to this new, Olga suggests a trimester to ensure you have the strength and support you need during your most immediate time of need. If you need a short-term boost to recover but you need time to consider committing to a trimester, you can choose a one-off session. You will quickly realise how Olga can help you towards your new life.

In addition, Olga has a weekly Sunday workshop called Beyond O and it will give you a gentle introduction to her methods as well as giving you the opportunity to start accepting that there is more, to life. Much more – and it starts right now.