Fertility workshop:
Mind re-setting and meditations
to help with infertility issues

Introduction workshop:

Tuesday, 17th November 2015, 7pm-9pm

This workshop is for women who want or are planning to conceive in the nearest future.

The workshop is for women who would like to understand more about mind-resetting and meditations to help conceive, as well as experience a fertility improving guided group meditation.

According to the latest NHS statistics “around one in seven couples may have difficulty conceiving“. The number is quite alarming. According to NHS: infertility is diagnosed when a couple cannot get pregnant despite having regular unprotected sex.

Yet the Internet is filled with ‘miracle’ stories, where despite severe medical conditions (on a female or male part) women still get pregnant and give birth to healthy babies. Or women who would be diagnosed with infertility despite being healthy, and yet giving birth 10 years or so later, often startling unsuspected mums-to-be.

What’s different?

Women who eventually conceive and give birth, accept that medical diagnose doesn’t mean they can’t get pregnant. Many have no other choice but to try alternative methods as they can’t get any treatments on NHS. Including mind-resetting and meditations that I am sharing in this very workshop.

None of the clients I worked with opted out for IVF. You know better then myself that the costs are extremely high, and success-rate per cycle is only 20-35%. Fertility drugs may cause severe side effects. And a whole process may put an additional strain on a relationship. I myself went through one cycle of IVF, but due to a severe reaction to drugs, that was no longer an option. Few years later and with a new partner, I used exclusively mind resetting and meditations as my fertility treatments.

I myself am currently pregnant; so if you may find it upsetting, please do not sign up for the workshop. I completely understand you as there were times I couldn’t look at pregnant women myself. Instead follow me on Skinny Rich Coach Face Book Page for my press updates, where I soon will share a piece describing one of the meditations I use in my latest article for The Guardian.

For this particular workshop, I would recommend that you come by yourself, as it is for women only. The information or meditation that will resonate the most with you, you are welcome to repeat at home with your partner.

Should you wish to continue working on your mind resetting in order to increase your conception chances and perhaps even to get your partner to join you, there will be an option to sign-up for a more intensive one-month workshop on the day.

Please Note: the workshops are run from a private residence (Maida Avenue, W2 1) and the full address will be provided upon the payment. Please bring a pair of cosy socks to wear for the duration of the workshop and a bottle of water. If you are allergic to cats’ fur – please contact Olga before reserving your space.

The nearest underground stations are: Paddington Station and Warwick Avenue

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