Work With Skinny Rich Coach – Olga Levancuka

There are three distinct ways in which you can work with Olga.

Intensive One-Off Session

DO NOT underestimate the power of 90 minutes with Olga. Highly recommended if you’ve never experienced Olga before or if you’re a former client looking for a top-up session


If you’re serious about changing your life, the seeds we plant together will give you the results you’re looking for. Two trimesters turn a new beginning into habitual behaviour.


Olga’s workshops are not to be missed. Find out when her latest workshops are taking place, including the one that’s revolutionising the world of dating – the Silent Dating workshop as well as ‘Beyond O’. Can you afford to miss out?

Most clients work with Olga for 6-9 months (2-3 trimesters) and will often top up the coaching with a further trimester after a year or so, or even when they’ve overcome their initial challenges and want to start the next phase of their own personal journey, whatever that might be.

It could be starting a business, changing career or starting a family. It could also be the acceptance of the need to break the cycle of their current life and move on, such as divorce, relocation, accepting a proposal or starting a new family with a new partner.

Whatever the issues you’re facing, Olga will give you the awesome power to believe that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Please choose from one of the above links to start your journey towards ultimate self-fulfilment.