If you are serious about affecting real and lasting changes to your life, working with Olga for a full three-month trimester (or more) will give you the changes you seek.

Any new beginnings are only successful if you carefully plant the seeds and then continue to reap the benefits of what Olga teaches you until the changes you want become second nature to you.

The training techniques Olga uses have on the whole been developed herself but she has also borrowed techniques from the way astronauts and cosmonauts are trained.

She was fortunate to have been invited to visit one of the Cosmonaut Training Centres and experienced some of the ‘mind-blowing’ techniques that allow ordinary men and women to become exceptional men and women. She is one of very few civilians to have experienced what goes into the psychology of sending men and women into space and she can impart that wisdom and understanding of affecting lasting changes to the ways in which you think and operate.

The Principle of 27 Days

The basic principle suggests that if you do want to implement change, you need to work at it for 27 days. The first few sessions of the trimester are devoted to identifying the root cause of your issues, not necessarily to understand them, but more importantly to let go of the behaviours and thought processes that are no longer working for you, but then with Olga, you are free to fully focus on the steps you need to take to make the changes you’re looking for for 27 uninterrupted days.

That time also allows you to make any tweaks and adjustments to your new habits.

Moving further into the trimester and once you have worked on your initial challenges, Olga will then move onto the other areas of your life where you need help and ensure that you finish each session feeling more confident, more positive and more self-assured.

What Happens from Day 28?

After we’ve worked on identifying the root cause of your issues, you’ll work with Olga to choose the right programme to focus on, for example Confidence, Dating, Relationships, Parenting, Mindfulness, or even something more specific. It may be a mix of some or all of these issues but whatever you choose, you’re in safe hands.

When you implement changes to your life – subtle or dramatic – it causes a ripple effect that emanates out from a central point – you – and such an effect can have an effect on the people in your life.

Not everyone will appreciate your changes, or the fact you are on your way to becoming stronger and more independent in your choices, and that will indirectly influence the people who are not interested or have least to gain from your self-development and personal growth.

Most will wish you well but some will feel uncomfortable on the basis that change is hard to accept. Change brings with it uncertainly and vulnerability, especially into the lives of those closest to you.

Amongst many others, this is one of the very best reasons Olga’s trimesters allow you to achieve long-term improvements and benefits to your life.

While you are in the midst of your amazing transformation, Olga will ‘lend’ you the necessary strength you’ll need to get through these changes unscathed. As the first stage is complete, the people closest to you will notice the positive changes you have worked so hard for and you will notice their support, but if their support isn’t forthcoming, then you have options, including making room in your life for people who genuinely appreciate you.

It’s not unheard of for a jealous friend to sabotage a relationship. A number of clients have come to Olga to improve dating and relationships but have been stifled by someone close to them who can’t or won’t accept change.

That is just one example of how Olga can help you, but once you start tackling your goals you will also learn how to create your own support network of people you can trust, people who understand what you’re going through and people who are willing to help you to achieve whatever you want for yourself.

Behind every one of Olga’s success stories – and there have been many – there is a solid group of people who have the ability to support and inspire the person who is reaching for the stars.

How Does A Trimester Work?

When you sign up for your first trimester with Olga, your very first session should be done face-to-face. She has seen clients from all over the world, including the US, Switzerland and Russia and they have all travelled to London to see Olga for the first session.
If you’re either in the UK or you come to the UK on a regular basis, Olga’s sessions are run from the Westminster Libraries (usually Church Street in St John’s Wood, London NW8) but for most clients, sessions are run via Skype. Olga travels the world with clients, for book tours and for TV appearances so for many clients, Skype works perfectly well.

Each trimester includes six, 90-minute sessions once a fortnight and the cost is £2,000 per trimester.

Work With Skinny Rich Coach – Olga Levancuka

There are two other distinct ways in which you can work with Olga.

Intensive One-Off Session

DO NOT underestimate the power of 90 minutes with Olga. Highly recommended if you’ve never experienced Olga before or if you’re a former client looking for a top-up session


Olga’s workshops are not to be missed. Find out when her latest workshops are taking place, including the one that’s revolutionising the world of dating – the Silent Dating workshop as well as ‘Beyond O’. Can you afford to miss out?