The Silence Method

The Silence Method is an innovative series of exercises designed by Olga that gives you the awesome power to dramatically improve your relationships – personal, professional and familial.

The course has been described as ‘extraordinary’ and’ mind-blowing’ and it’s not hard to see why. It was conceived while Olga was working with her clients and while she was somewhat unwillingly – or unconsciously – working on improving her own relationships.

Some of the exercises were developed as a direct result of a proven, tried and tested approach she takes during her workshops; some are routed in the ways certain cultures interact amongst themselves and yet more have been developed by learning and understanding yogic techniques and the practice of yoga.

The Silence Method works on a very deep level and the results are, as has been said, both mind-blowing and profound.

NOTE: This is the only element of Olga’s courses that she only works with a couple or a pair. You don’t have to be in a relationship, you can come with a close friend or you can even work with someone you’ve never met should you be open and willing to. If there are no other options, you can even work in a pair with Olga, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

What Does The Silent Method Look To Achieve?

The Silent Method is focused mainly on self-study and improving your state of contentment. It’s not too far removed from Mindfulness but given that the exercises require complete silence, the work is very self-centred and requires you to dig deep into your inner reserves of strength.

During the exercises your sensitivities will be heightened and it’s not impossible that you’ll end up feeling very emotional, but also happy and relaxed. While these feelings may take you by surprise at first, based on Olga’s own experiences and those of her past clients, when you are at your most relaxed and harmonious, your inner feelings and process of self-discovery are finding ways of getting messages to your conscious brain, whatever messages your brain needs to hear.
Naturally there is some preparation to do (not in every element of the course) and Olga will give you additional exercises so you can learn how to silence your mind, re-direct your thoughts and give you an opportunity to tune into your own feelings and emotions independently of what’s happening in the world around you.

How Does The Silent Method Work?

There are four distinct ways in which you can work with in learning and practicing the Silent Method:

1. Couples (as a one-off session or a trimester)

Romance doesn’t leave you, it sometimes gets silenced by your daily burdens and Olga will seek to reignite your passion for each other. One-off sessions get results so try one or two until you’re ready to commit to a trimester.

It’s great for:

·       Expectant couples
·       Couples who want to improve their relationship
·       Couples who are about to or are dealing with a family drama or trauma and the need to make their personal bond even stronger
·       Young couples who want to get their romance back and have stopped being physical with each other – often related to stress or taking each other for granted

2. Individuals in Twos (as a one-off session or a trimester)

You need to come in pairs so you can either find someone who is will to take this journey with you, or you can work with Olga. This is a pure form of self-exploration including practicing Mindfulness and increasing and improving your inner-strength and your inner spirit.

3. Workshops

Please email Olga to be added to the Silent Method workshop waiting list.

4. Individual (as a one-off session or a trimester)

This is the most challenging form of the Silent Method as you’ll be working with yourself – and the mirror. Olga only recommends this course if you are strong enough to cope with it. This element works best as part of another program, such as Relationships or Parenting.