Whether you’re just about to embark on your dating journey or you’ve been married for decades, relationships need constant attention from both parties.

Thanks in part to fairy tales and old-fashioned beliefs, once you are in a solid relationship or even married, you tag yourselves in the ‘happy-ever-after’ category and you relax. You let life take its course and the people around you – relatives, children and friends – vie for your attention and you’re happy to give it.

But you can’t relax. Relationships are a fluid entity that needs a committed investment of time and emotion and with every aspect of your life, the more you put in to it the more you get out of it.

When you are together with someone, who you know loves you more with each day that passes, who is there for you unconditionally, it fills your heart with serenity and happiness. That feeling of true love and of being loved inspires you to achieve and do all the things you’ve ever wanted to do because you know that no matter what and no matter how, they are there for you, supporting you and appreciating every step you take.

You CAN Improve Your Relationships

Read the last paragraph again. It’s something Olga can personally vouch for. Her marriage was a success – naturally there were ups and downs, as with every relationship – and her current relationship is blossoming and getting stronger every day. Again, there are disagreements but that’s part and parcel of being human and Olga’s incredibly successful and burgeoning career is a direct result of the relationship she is in.

Striving for ‘happy-ever-after’ can only be achieved if you are prepared to nurture and put in the effort required.

Aside from Olga’s outstanding ‘Silent Method’ couples sessions, she doesn’t do couples therapy. This is about you, and once you’ve shown the propensity for change, your partner will – or should – follow your lead. If they don’t, or if your relationship has reached its natural expiry date, you have the option to end it or upgrade to a partner who will grow as you do.

No Room For Excuses

A number of clients have come to Olga looking for help with similar stories. They had advanced in their careers, developed a broad circle of friends and had an active and busy social life while their partners stayed at home and constantly found excuses as to why they had failed.

After working with Olga, both had the strength to take positive action. They weren’t prepared to be held back. They wanted to get the most out of their lives. The first, a man, gave his partner an ultimatum which didn’t work and he did take action. He refused to surround himself with such negativity and is now in a new and exciting relationship with an amazing woman.

The second, a woman, didn’t even get that far. Her marriage had hit rock bottom (very common for married women with children) but she was passionate and determined to make her marriage work. She worked with Olga for one trimester and then something amazing happened.

Her husband changed. He didn’t know how he’d changed, but he had. He said to her one day ‘I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I thought that whatever I did wasn’t good enough for you so I started to find excuses to be with my friends and not my family. It was selfish of me and I’ll promise to change’ and change he did.

Their marriage has been restored and she is again a happy woman surrounded by a happy family.

It’s The Little Things…

Not every negative aspect of a relationship is so dramatic. Often it’s the little things that left alone can escalate into serious issues. Miscommunication is a big problem and while a lot of people simply put it down to ‘women and men think differently’, Olga’s work with same-sex couples proves otherwise.

Miscommunication can happen at any time, anywhere. A lot of times you rely on information from past relationships and we gloss over the fact that your partner can – and will – change and therefore, it means you have to adjust, as do they.

You can read a thousand books on how troubles in relationships manifest themselves and the truth is that the issues are far more complex than what they seem on the surface. They fertilize and grow. That’s where Olga comes in.

She doesn’t stop at helping you to work on, understand and improve your current relationship; she also teaches you how to understand yourself better. Often, the disturbance in the force is caused by the simple fact that you have no real idea of where your own feelings, desires and emotions come from.

What To Do Now?

If you’re serious about improving you relationships with yourself and with others, Olga strongly recommends one or two trimesters. It’s not an overnight fix. There are two complex people involved. There’s a lot of unravelling and untangling of emotions to do. Was it your idea? Are you just trying to help? Have you been influenced by friends or family or was there an unknown external factor that has negatively affected your relationship?

As your relationship improves and your back feeling like you did in the first few ‘honeymoon’ months, try Olga’s ‘Silent Method’ couples’ sessions…it will do wonders to deal your renewed budding romance!

Working with Olga can be done in three ways and you can read more about each one by clicking the links below:

Intensive One-Off Session – DO NOT underestimate the power of 90 minutes with Olga. It’s direct, it’s in-your-face and personal but it works.

Trimester – The seeds we plant together will give you the results you’re looking for. Two trimesters turn a new beginning into habitual behaviour.

Workshops – Olga’s Silent Dating Workshop is set to revolutionise the world of dating. Can you afford to miss out?