There is no better testimonial than the voice of the satisfied end user. Here are just a few from Olga’s amazing clients who were generous and kind enough to share their experiences and results of working with her…

‘I worked with you recently and I am very happy to recommend your services. You have very strong rapport skills and you combine that with expert knowledge and flexibility of approach to get great results. I certainly found the time I spent with you was very worthwhile and I felt that you carefully matched your style and techniques so that they would work for me.’

‘Olga is a first-class coach and a skilled practitioner of NLP techniques. Her energy and love of life is inspirational. Her empathy, skill and rare psychological insight during our exercises helped me achieve change that will permanently transform aspects of my life. Thank you Olga – it is a joy and a privilege to work with you.’

‘Olga takes a very careful, meticulous and individual approach to each person and each problem. She will not let you go without achieving results. She is great working both with a group and face to face (I have attended workshops and taken 1-2-1 sessions), but I would recommend her face to face sessions. They can seriously help you to sort out your life, finances and vision of life especially!’

 ‘With Olga’s help and advice, I have become very positive, not just because others can see a smile on my face; my soul is smiling all the time too! I am calmer than I was before and I have a good relationship with my 3-year-old daughter at last. Before our sessions I was suffering from depression and was always stressed out. Now I am a different person, my friends and family are really happy to see me in this condition. Thank you!’

‘When I first realised Olga was the right coach for me, I booked my first season with her and I really didn’t know what to expect. I went through my goals with Olga and where I wanted my company in the coming years. Since then every goal set out by Olga I have achieved. She has made me see things in a different light and has given me the confidence that everything I dream of can come true with a bit of hard work. If it wasn’t for Olga I’m sure I’d STILL be choosing the right designs for my collection and still going through the designs for the website. She’s made me realise that not everything has to be perfect to have a great business. Since then things are moving forward at a much faster rate and I’m not questing my actions anymore. Olga really is a phenomenal coach; she has been in my position and knows how the markets work. It is so valuable to have someone on board with fantastic knowledge and great ideas to push the business forward which in itself is priceless!’

‘Olga is clearly an expert in her field. Her coaching style is both honest and thoughtful and she is able to see straight to the problem which is holding someone back. I was able to get a huge amount of insight from just a consultation with Olga, which resulted in my business moving forward very quickly. I would wholeheartedly recommend Olga as a life coach.’

 ‘It does exactly what it says on the tin!  Since doing two Dating trimesters I have dated only hot men who have successful careers.  I am pretty hot myself and kept wondering why I was attracting the wrong kind of men.  Through these sessions, I changed my whole attitude and my desires became a reality!’

 ‘Over the course of the workshops, I couldn’t help becoming infected by Olga’s positivity and the lessons given. I now have to concede that her courses really made a difference. Olga and her courses really energized me to ‘get off my backside’ and change from a person who is full off ‘thoughts about actions’ to a person who ‘actions my thoughts’. Thank you Olga,’

 ‘Hi Olga,
I am so sorry that I haven’t been in touch but life has been very good to me!
Thanks to you, I’ve realized that I needed to be reminded how important I am and that I can do anything that I want!
I am having a really good time and feel like my old self again. I got a part time job and my friendship has blossomed because I’ve taken pressure off myself and I am very happy now.
Thank you for the gentle nudge in the right direction. ”
 I will recommend you to all my friends!’

 ‘When I started coaching workshops with Olga I was in a difficult place, although, to look at me and talk to me, you wouldn’t know it.  I was unhappy in my work life and not too happy about my personal life.  Life was pretty bleak all round.
One day I had the opportunity to attend Olga’s workshop.  I was nervous about what was going to happen and what would be expected of me.  However, I need not have worried.  It was a liberating experience.
•  I thought I was positive, what I did not realise was that I was constantly undermining my own positivity by thinking negatively, using negative language and demonstrating negative behaviours.
•   I thought the harder I worked, the better my life would be.  What was actually happening was the harder I worked, the harder my life became.
•  The more I tried to meet demands placed on me, the emptier I felt.

 Olga helped me break down issues and develop my own techniques to enhance my life.  The problems I was suffering 6 months ago have melted away because I have been able to change my focus and how I approach issues.  With focussed, determined humour and grace Olga has helped me realise I need not take on the woes of the world, that it is OK to say no and have a rich life.  
There is something incredibly powerful about receiving intense coaching, which focuses on your needs.   The experience enriches your life in so many ways. The knowledge and experience I have acquired will serve me for the rest of my life.
Anything is truly possible.’

 ‘Olga’s teaching is unique from any source of information I have found in the library. She helped me realize that we all have exactly what we need already and that all we need to do is truly live in that belief so as to live our lives powerfully. Every day is a new day and therefore a new opportunity to live our lives greatly – no book from the library on a topic like ‘relationships’ or ‘money’ can give you that. Olga is a patient teacher and has inspired me to get whatever I want out of life and at the same time accept exactly where I am now, by living the present. You will understand when she coaches you. It’s a wonderful and fun learning experience.’

 ‘Olga has a refreshing approach to Relationship Coaching. She is really professional and she has a very precise agenda from which you work your way around in a very effective and straightforward way. You will give birth to your new self very quickly, you will acknowledge all the points you will need to work on and you will have very clear objectives to work towards. Socrates would be proud of her work; it is a very uplifting experience. Thank you!’

 ‘Previously, I thought I had a good and bad side but actually, you made me realize these are coping mechanisms which have the same goal, to make me happy. I now rethink my actions and try to understand my emotional state before acting. It will still take some work but I’m on my way. Thank you!’

 A big thank you to the amazing Olga Levancuka who analysed my twitter feed! I was really blown away by the accuracy of her analysis. Everyone posts on social media, but do you know that you are revealing a lot more about yourself. I’m not an orchestrated social media poster, I post what I feel. Little did I know that Olga could dissect my life, right down to the type of person I am, the way I interact with people around me, at home and at work and what kind of friend I am?
 For those naysayers, try it out. You’ll be amazed at the results but remember this important fact, please don’t shoot the messenger, she can’t help what you put our about yourself, that’s your job :).’

 ‘We all have a plan in mind, but how many of us are actually achieving it? We know were not!
Well we weren’t until we met Olga. We wrote things down of what I needed to do every now and again, and most of the time we did them, however it was not until we really wanted to ‘achieve’ our desired long term goals that we realised we needed some help. In the course of two years we tried a few business coaches/mentors, but we were still under achieving. There was something missing. Then we were introduced to Olga. Our lives are now in the fast lane and we are constantly thriving on the adrenalin Olga injects us with on a daily basis. The term ‘accountability partner’ doesn’t even begin to explain the changes implemented by Olga. We have regular meetings, set targets, and most importantly they are realistic targets. This means we can reach them and push on to the next level.
Her style of coaching is second to none. She has seen it all and draws vast knowledge from within. We cannot sing her praises highly enough.
If you are looking for a coach then I am pleased to say your search is over. Let me introduce you to Olga.’

 ‘Olga is amazing and I’m so happy to have her in my life! We met when I was going through a divorce and even though I’m confident in business, being the CEO/Creative Director for WOWBOW London, this change in my personal life really knocked me sideways. Olga has this uncanny ability to make you see thing so clearly as well as point out positive actions one can take to get you back to standing tall and being the woman you are destined to be.
 It’s not only in what she tells you but also what she shows you in just the way she is. Olga is beautiful inside and out. Not only does she talk the talk, but she also walks the walk……and that walk is tall, confident, feminine and strong. She is a true inspiration and I always look forward to my time with her…..or as I love to call it as my Dose O’ Olga!’

 ‘Olga is a very friendly, warm and confident person. Should you wish to reconnect with any of these characteristics of your inner self then Olga is the right person to show you how to achieve it!’