When it comes to parenting, Olga’s approach is refreshing. It’s about parents, not children. She doesn’t have the emotional attachment towards your children that you have so her guidance and insight is emotionally colourless, to the point and directed towards the most important person in your life – YOU.

You are the guiding light in the formative years of your children. They learn your behaviours, your views on life and they ways in which you treat the other people in your life – male and female. They will also copy the things you do and say, including learning your defence mechanisms which they will keep for the rest of their lives.

‘To bring up well-rounded, independent, happy and content children, this is the reason I only work with parents.’

Positively Transform Your Family Unit

Olga has worked with male-female parents, same-sex parents and single parents since 2008 and seeing first-hand how she has helped to positively transform families, she firmly believes that in order to help your children to grow and develop, you need to start with you.

She also works with ‘grown-up’ kids; young (and not so young) adults who carry the burden of their upbringing with them. It can be overly controlling or over-bearing (some would say ‘protective’) parents or even specific traumatic events that impacted their early years. This work is done through Olga’s ‘Your Life’ programmes.

Olga will often borrow examples to essentially see into the future – your future. Sometimes, as a parent, you may get yourself so wound up in life’s stresses and struggles that something has to give and oftentimes, that lashing out is directed at your children. This produces a significant trauma which, depending on its severity, can stay with them long after you’ve forgotten about it.

‘I’ve Got My Mum Back’

There is no better testimonial than the voice of a satisfied end-user and this was best demonstrated by a single mother who came to see Olga. She was a successful high-flyer who could never be accused of doing anything but the right thing by her children. After working with Olga for two trimesters and a month after they had ended, the mother called Olga and repeated the words her daughter had said. ‘I’ve got my mum back’.

She didn’t give her daughter any more attention, time or gifts than she had before. In fact she works even longer hours, she runs a charity and she continues with her programme of self-development. What she gave her daughter was what she craved; quality over quantity.

Who’s Fault Is It?

Whether you like it or not and whether you realise it or not, as a parent, you set the tone and the benchmarks for the behaviour of your children. Perhaps you over-compensate, over- protect or even smother them? Perhaps the disharmony in your own relationship has created a monster out of your former angel?

There are lots of reasons why there are issues within your family unit, including between you and your kids and often, they are issues that don’t require a solution, they just require you to be fully in tune with the events and situations around you. And that’s the fundamental reason for you to take Olga’s Parenting course.

It’s all about you.

Your kids? They will learn from you. They have a learning curve just like you do but the most important message to pass onto them is that you are human too.

What To Do Now?

Parenting is one of the most important things you’re ever likely to do and it’s not a quick fix. A trimester with Olga will get to the root of why you have come and given the fact that there are a number of parties who stand to benefit from your time with Olga, you will start by focusing on you.

We will put your physical and emotional pieces together so they tessellate properly and once we know what it is you want, we can move seamless onto your family and your children. You will then work with Olga to re-integrate you, fresh and with a renewed impetus, back into the loving embrace of your family.

With a refreshed sense of self and your ‘healthy’ importance, you will see how gently, slowly but surely how your kids will strive to be the best they can and want to be, because you will too.

It’s important to note that this work and self-improvement also includes looking at your communication skills and confidence.

For more information and to book your course, please contact Olga today.