The Process of Mindfulness

Mindfulness won’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process that starts with small steps but the small steps that Olga teaches you allow you to take giant, unprecedented leaps towards a well-being that you could never have imagined possible. You will have an improved state of mind which will benefit you across all aspects of your life, including your relationships with your own life, your partner, your children and your wider circle of friends, family and influencers.

The exercises you’ll learn are on a deep level and the skills you learn in your Mindfulness sessions are eminently transferable to Olga’s Confidence, Dating and Parenting coaching sessions where the state of mindfulness will benefit you.

Often you won’t see, hear of feel an opposing viewpoint to your own, but if you are entitled to an opinion, isn’t everyone else? Don’t you want to feel less stressed and totally focused on the job at hand rather than unnecessarily worrying about the next one? There has to be some middle ground between fight or flight, doesn’t there?

What is Mindfulness?

Many of you are going to be new to the term ‘mindfulness’, so here is a short explanation:

Mindfulness is transformative, state-of-mind experience that allows you to be acutely aware of what’s happening around you, without believing there’s always a right way or a wrong way. An experience that tunes your senses into the present without ploughing over the past, basing former experiences on the ones you are experiencing now or inventing a future that hasn’t yet happened.

That’s a domain reserved for sci-fi films, not your own life.

Attaining complete mindfulness is an amazing, incredible, life-changing feeling. Knowing instinctively where you are in the absolute present. Completely relaxed in your surroundings. Without judgement.

The issue you have with modern day life is that you are rushing around on autopilot at 100 miles an hour. Have you ever driven the kids to school and remembered nothing about your journey? Grabbed a quick lunch, taken a couple of bites of a poorly-constructed sandwich and realised there’s nothing left on the plate? Where did it go? Did you eat it all? You simply don’t remember.

It’s easy to be distracted from the present moment when you have eight thousand things to do; when you fail to notice the good things and good people that come into your life and when you contaminate your thought processes with the toxicity of self-criticism and unwanted patterns of detrimental behaviour.

Mindfulness can’t rid your life of the pressures you face, but how do you think it would feel if you could harness a clarity in your mind and body that made you respond to what you face in a calmer, more insightful way? In a way that allows you to be completely ‘in the present’ and to rid your life of negative thoughts, emotions and actions that benefit no-one.

How It Works

Olga will start with an understanding of where you are and what you feel at any given moment and continue with the concept that you are just a component part of a bigger picture.

It’s not always about you. It’s about understanding that there are others who have needs and wants and it gives you the ability to understand other people’s points of view, to feel their emotions and to be respectful and respondent to their feelings. Wouldn’t that be a better place to come from rather than instantly dismissing what you think is ‘wrong’?

Olga utilises relaxation and meditation exercises to ease you gently into a state of mindfulness. She will attempt to silence your daily ‘noise’ and get to the root core of what you desire. She will get you to connect with your true self while you to operate more efficiently and effectively in your own environment.

Mindfulness Is Different In All of Us

Since achieving a state of mindfulness is personal and intimate, a lot of the work Olga does is intuitive. There are no ‘off the shelf’ answers to how you can achieve mindfulness, rather a set of scientifically-proven exercises and workflows that will have the desired effect. It’s how you then choose the put them into practice that’s important.

You may feel that your internal desires remain unclear. That there’s something not quite right. Something that has unbalanced your equilibrium but you’re not quite sure what it is. That’s where intuition comes in. Achieving a state of mindfulness is different for everyone and Olga also uses projective techniques. These allow for a freer type of response and a use of vague, unstructured stimulus objects or scenarios where you ‘project’ your personality, attitude or opinions and self-concept to give the present situation some structure.

This allows you to communicate on an intuitive level with people in your life you have issues with. Such deep-level exercises allow you to better understand others and to improve your relationships with them.

The End Game

You want to know yourself better. To have a clearer understanding of your relationships with others on a deeper plane and you want to be in the present.

Mindfulness is the most pure form of self-exploration and ultimately self-fulfilment and it’s time to rid yourself of unwanted, negative thoughts, feelings and emotions and be at one with yourself.

If you do that, you can be at one with the people you choose to surround yourself with.

Working with Olga can be done in three ways and you can read more about each one by clicking the links below:

Intensive One-Off Session – DO NOT underestimate the power of 90 minutes with Olga. It’s direct, it’s in-your-face and personal but it works.

Trimester – The seeds we plant together will give you the results you’re looking for. Two trimesters turn a new beginning into habitual behaviour.

Workshops – ‘Beyond O’ Workshops, that introduces you to Olga’s unique silent exercises, meditation, discussing issues at hand, and some empowering intuitive work. Can you afford to miss out?