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Intensive One-Off Session

When you start work with any kind of lifestyle, dating or life coach, you need to be sure that you are compatible. The best way to discover whether Olga is ‘your’ coach is to have an intensive one-off session.

When Olga says ‘intensive’, she really means it! You should never underestimate the power of ninety minutes with Olga.

She has created a system of questions that will get to the core of your issues quickly and without fuss but often, it’s not what you’d expect to find – or expect to hear – at all. Naturally, the success of your coaching depends on your honesty when responding to the questions being put to you and because Olga works on a very deep emotional level, the session can get quite impassioned and sensitive but you should understand that it’s all for your benefit, both now and in the long term.

Olga will be as gentle with you as she can but it’s her direct, to-the-point style that yields the very best results. The choice is yours…

The one-off intensive session last ninety minutes and can be conducted by phone, via Skype or in person (usually at the Church Street branch of the Westminster Library).

Cost: £400 per session

For more information and to book your session with Olga, please contact us.

Work With Skinny Rich Coach – Olga Levancuka

There are two other distinct ways in which you can work with Olga.


If you’re serious about changing your life, the seeds we plant together will give you the results you’re looking for. Two trimesters turn a new beginning into habitual behaviour.


Olga’s workshops are not to be missed. Find out when her latest workshops are taking place, including the one that’s revolutionising the world of dating – the Silent Dating workshop as well as ‘Beyond O’. Can you afford to miss out?

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