There are 1,500 dating websites in the UK with millions of subscribers, and if you add in the multitude of off-line dating opportunities, why do you think is it so hard for you to find someone suitable? Why don’t your first dates lead to second dates? Are you being too fussy? Are you expecting too much? Are you waiting for what you deem to be the ‘perfect’ partner?

You may not have the answers, but Skinny Rich Coach does, and she will help you to find them.

Until Olga worked with ‘Kate’, she had no idea how it was possible not to get a single first date when you actively look for one. ‘Kate’ subscribed to a number of dating sites, she’s bright, funny, clever and beautiful and she has a challenging and lucrative job in the City. She’s what one might refer to as a ‘box ticker’.

She waited three long, lonely years before coming to see Olga. After two trimesters working together, she was out dating like it was the most natural thing in the world.

The first guy ‘Kate’ saw, she saw for a few more dates but it didn’t go anywhere. That’s fine. She was then in a relationship for about a year with another guy and decided she wanted to take a break from dating.

During this self-imposed hiatus, she came back to Olga for a one-off session and Kate – and Olga – was astonished at what she’d learned and how she had put the tools that Olga had given her into practice…

·       Kate was a lot more specific in her search
·       As her dating confidence increased, so did her attractiveness

And the most important lesson – she understood that she had a far better chance of meeting the right man and having a successful and fulfilling relationship than before working with Olga.

It really isn’t rocket science.

Why Is Dating Perceived To Be So Hard?

A lot of people will often – consciously or unconsciously – mis-judge the hurt they’ve experienced in previous, unsuccessful relationships. Some have issues with formative, familial relationships such as overbearing or over protective fathers or brothers.  Some simply lack confidence and for some – and this is becoming more and more common – the world of social media has created a paradigm shift in the way we communicate and interact with each other in that it’s OK to be transient rather than meaningful.

When was the last time you bought a birthday card for a friend rather than posting ‘Happy Birthday’ on their Facebook wall?

Now, with the help of Skinny Rich Coach, any worries you had – or have – about the murky world of dating can be put to one side. You are about to be transformed into a positive, confident and attractive person who any girl or guy will be proud to call a partner.

There is no stigma attached to finding love online, you just need to know where to look and most importantly, what to look for.

‘More and more of the clients I work with have found love online, including two recent clients, one girl and one guy, who found what they were looking for on Tinder of all places. It’s possible; you just need to know precisely what you’re looking for…’
Olga – the Skinny Rich Coach

Working with Olga can be done in three ways and you can read more about each one by clicking the links below:

Intensive One-Off Session – DO NOT underestimate the power of 90 minutes with Olga. It’s direct, it’s in-your-face and personal but it works.

Trimester – The seeds we plant together will give you the results you’re looking for. Two trimesters turn a new beginning into habitual behaviour.

Workshops – Olga’s Silent Dating Workshop is set to revolutionise the world of dating. Can you afford to miss out?