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Olga Levancuka is one of the country's most in-demand experts on emotive and lifestyle topics. Her methods may be contoversial but she gets results. Phenomenal results...

I’ll Be There For You, ‘Cause You’re There For Me Too….


Hi everyone, and welcome to your summertime shortened newsletter (I’d rather you were out there meeting people, having fun and enjoying life than indoors reading, but read it first…!).

The weather is getting warmer (finally), the pedicures have been done, the flip-flops are out and it’s time to enjoy summer with friends, which brings me nicely […]

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Are You Ready For Summer?



What do you mean ‘no?’ I am and I’ve had my world rocked with the arrival of my precious little Luna! A lot of people said to me prior to the birth that having children changes your life and like many mums-to-be I was in the ‘how […]

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St. Valentine’zzzzzzzzzz……..



Happy New Year everyone! I know, I know, I’m a month late and it’s already February but I promise I’ve got a cast-iron excuse! As you’ll have read in every single magazine – women’s and men’s – this month and last, the start of the year is […]

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Does Christmas Make You Happy Or Sad?



Good afternoon everyone! It’s cold and grey and the weathermen say it’s going to stay cold and grey but that’s not going to stop you from reaching your goals is it? No it most certainly isn’t. This time of year can be a blessing and a […]

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What’s The Story? Female Glory!


Since the last newsletter, so many amazing things have happened I can barely keep up!

First and most importantly, you will be delighted to know that I am running my Fertility workshop on Tuesday 17th November (at last I hear you say!)

It’s been designed for women who […]

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Hi, my friends consider me absolutely stunning and clever. I have a great job, lots of friends, very communicative and well-travelled. I’m not a typical dumb blonde type. The guy I have met is not so stunning, but is an extremely well–off businessman. My excuse was while most girls prefer going for looks, I am […]

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My finances are challenging and my friends don’t understand I’m not as rich as they are. Do I just tell them I can’t go to expensive restaurants or just go and work the cost out later?

That’s what friends are for! To accept you the way you are. Unless of course, you want to be their […]

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Do I always have to take my dates out to restaurants and movies? I don’t mind spending money on the right girl. But sometimes it takes more than a few dates to figure out whether I like the girl, or worse yet they disappear on me.

I am a well-off guy, and I am generous, but […]

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I am having an issue with a guy I met online about 7 months ago. I am absolutely in love and cannot stop talking about him. We meet around 3-4 times a week and we spend hours talking etc. We also have had sex. Everything seems to be amazing and I am extremely excited …… […]

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Does a relationship have a “sell-by date”? I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost two years but there’s no sign he’s going to commit to the relationship even though he knows I want to get married?

I love the way you framed it “sell-by date”. And yes, there is such a thing. It depends on how […]

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